RF Radiofrequency Face & Body Sculpting

Symmed is a unique treatment that combats medical-cosmetic disorders and stimulates the natural functions of tissues, helping to restore the skin’s natural balance and elasticity, reducing grease and oxygenating the skin for correct microcirculation.

Symmed boosts the effects of diathermy treatments using radiofrequency, virtual mesotherapy and functional cosmetics, resulting in the most advanced and effective, painless and non-invasive cosmetic technology, that offers the best results for facial and body treatments.




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How it Works

Symmed is an innovative working method that combines the most advanced and efficient medical-aesthetic technology with a specific treatment and a cosmetic line designed to boosts the skin rejuvenation.


Athermal: molecular or ionic effect: The inside of the cell membrane receives the energy necessary for the cells to develop their functions correctly.

Thermal: biostimulating effect: The cell receives a massive influx of blood resulting in an increase in the amount of nutrients and oxygen; improvement of the intercellular drainage as it releases the blocked metabolites and waste products from the cell; accelerated synthesis of heat shock proteins responsible for repairing connective tissue, and helping the production of collagen; an increase in the metabolism of fats and a reduction in adipose tissue; a decrease in the number of free radicals.

Hyperthermal: draining effect through the hyperactivation of the metabolism: It activates the biological regeneration processes in the treated zone.This has as a result, the vasodilatation and increased blood flow (hyperaemia), which causes an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients and the elimination of waste substances in tissues. This in turn accelerates cell metabolism and increases the return circulation of the venous and lymphatic systems.

  • LIPOLYTIC EFFECT: aids and increases the breakdown of fats in adipose tissue.
  • FIRMING EFFECT, thanks to the contraction, stimulation and recovery of the structure of collagen fibres.
  • ANTI-AGEING EFFECT: accelerates cell mitosis and leads to the regeneration of collagen. It also develops cell renewal thereby improving the tissues.
  • SOOTHING EFFECT on nerve endings: the muscle fibres relax and this then reduces tension.
  • DRAINING EFFECT, through the hyperactivation of the metabolism.



Synergetic Method

The Symmed Synergetic Medical / Aesthetic Method is an innovative work method which combines the most advanced and effective beauty technology (Radiofrequency, Diathermy and HPC Virtual Mesotherapy), different treatment protocols characterised by specific techniques and movements, and a range of cosmetics specially designed to boost the required effects.





Symmed Objective

The objective of Symmed is to combat medical-beauty problems and stimulate the physiological processes of recovery of the tissues to prevent these problems from happening again, because when tissues are in homeostatic balance they do not display any aesthetic change. Symmed operates at a frequency of 448 kHz that stimulates the intra and extra cellular ion exchange, which causes a restoration of the permeability and potential of the cell membrane.

The electrical balance optimises the tissue recovery. With our equipment we can accelerate the body’s natural homeostatic mechanisms and thereby maintain this balance. In order to activate the biochemical repair processes, Symmed generates heat to increase the temperature in very specific areas of the body.



Symmed Applications

By combining the most advanced medical-beauty technology, following treatment protocols designed for each case and using a range of specific cosmetics, it is possible to achieve multiple and significant effects:


Symmed aids and increases the breakdown of fats in the adipose tissue, thanks to the effect of the lipolytic enzymes that reduce the adipocytes and increase the metabolism of fats.


Thanks to the deep effect it has on tissues and its capacity to reactivate the natural metabolic processes.



Due to the contraction, stimulation and recovery of the structure of the collagen fibres.


Symmed decreases the metabolic waste of cells, like glycosylated and oxidised proteins, which are the main cause of agingas they prevent the formation of collagen:

  • It increases the proteasomic system, which breaks down abnormal proteins or those damaged in the cells.
  • It increases the resistance of cells to the agents responsible for aging, like ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and UVB rays.
  • It stimulates the antioxidant enzymes.


Symmed stimulates the blood and lymphatic microcirculation systems.


  • It accelerates cell mitosis and helps skin to heal.
  • It develops the restructuring of collagen and neocollagenosis.
  • It stimulates cell renewal.


Symmed has a soothing effect on the nerve endings and this then relaxes the muscle fibres and, consequently, reduces tension.



Symmed Benefits

• Increases the metabolism of fats and reduces adipose tissue.

• Accelerates the production of collagen and elastin.

• Reduces the number of free radicals.

• Increases vascularisation and lymphatic drainage.

• Aids the reabsorption of oedemas.

• Increases the permeability of the cell membrane and therefore allows more substances to penetrate the skin more deeply.

• Regulates sebaceous secretion.

• Visible results right from the very first session.

• Painless, non-invasive

• Very advanced and effective beauty technology.

• Adapts the amount of energy to suit the type of tissue for an optimal and safe transfer.

• Generates harmless radiofrequency energy

• It operates at a frequency of 448 kHz which optimises the tissue recovery and guarantees the regeneration of the tissues.





Power Supply 230 V a.c 50/60 Hz
110 V a.c 50/60 Hz (optional)
Maximum Consumption 250 VA
Interface Colour screen 10.2" Backlight LED
Applicators Capacitive electrodes (hypoallergenic): 80mm Ø / 50mm Ø / 30mm Ø
Resistive electrodes (hypoallergenic: surgical grade stainless steel) – 85mm Ø / 55mm Ø / 30mm Ø
Transference Technology Double (capacitive or resistive electrodes)
Output Frequency 0.5 Mhz ± 5%
Maximum Tension 210 Vrms / 900 Vrms
Maximum Power 550 VA / 200 W
Dimensions 124cm (h) x 68cm (l) x 59cm (w)
Weight 25Kg





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